Rice steamers is that all you can do with them?

cloffie, Jan 27, 3:44am
I was given an electric one minus any instructions . can they be used for other foods and recipes?

davidt4, Jan 27, 3:47am
I suppose it depends on the particular specifications, but I use my rice cooker for congee, rice pudding, sticky rice with coconut cream and various pilafs, including those made with barley and burghul.

You need to understand how a rice cooker works - google that and you will get an idea of what kinds of foods they are useful for.

lucemm, Jan 27, 4:00am
If can saute, you can make beautiful risotto. If it has a steamer insert, you can stem fish and veges. I have a Breville one

cloffie, Jul 16, 5:10pm
mine is a brio it has a bowl

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