Potato Bake

clair4, Oct 2, 4:21am
What is your favourite.I usually use a little cream and onion layered with the potatoes, but you may have a more tasty one for me.Thanks

mallee, Oct 2, 4:28am
Garlic and grated tasty cheese between layers :-):-)

kirstybrooks, Oct 2, 4:39am
Cream mixed with a packet of Bacon and Onion soup mix, added to diced/sliced potatoes. The best I have tried! Sometimes mix a little sweet chilli sauce in too, yummy.

kirstybrooks, Oct 2, 4:39am
Or half cream half milk to the above to make it not as rich.

karenz, Oct 2, 4:46am
Use cream and crumble a little blue cheese between layers then grate a mild cheese like Edam over the top.

clair4, Oct 2, 5:13am
The blue cheese sounds yum.

stormbaby, May 2, 10:16pm
My favourite one came on a calendar from a milkman around 29 years ago when we were first married, in our first flat. I have changed it very little over the years, but its:
In a buttered, lidless casserole dish, one layer of sliced, cooked potatoes, sliced tomatoes on top, grated cheese over this. Chopped cubes of ham, a sprinkle of parsley and a scattering of smoked garlic and herbs (I get this from the Riccarton Market). Repeat, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, ham, parsley.Shake up 2 eggs, 200ml milk and salt and pepper, pour over the top and bake 45 minutes at 180C. Grill top if needed, but it usually browns itself.