Porridge in the crockpot

blondini13, Feb 23, 8:32pm
Has anyone cooked porridge in the crockpot overnight ready for the morning? If so, how please?

245sam, Feb 23, 8:45pm
yes, blondini13 - I sure have been there and done that and I can assure you that for a family it's great to have the porridge all ready to eat without any effort first thing in the morning (and relatively little effort the night before as well - it's easy as! ! ). The recipe I've always used is the 1st one on this link:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=10&t=189

lizab, Feb 23, 9:12pm
done it too - everyone can help themselves as they get up while you can have a lie in :) lol

245sam, Feb 23, 9:18pm
exactly lizab, been there and done that too - our daughter is no longer at home but when she was and needing to get out the door to her weekend work at a time that was way too early for us to be up, the porridge was all ready for her to help herself while the rest was ready for us to enjoy later.

blondini13, Feb 24, 7:59pm
Great, thanks for that sam. My little kids are mad on porridge. I usually put a teaspoon of honey in it, do you think I could do this when cooking it in the crockpot? .

245sam, Sep 6, 7:49am
blondini13, I know of no reason why you shouldn't put honey in the porridge when cooking it in the crockpot - although I haven't done so myself I think you could add whatever extras you and your family likee. g. honey, dried fruit... . . :-))

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