Free Raisins, over 40kg too give away

spamlamp, Sep 30, 7:58am
I have an over supply of raisins that from my supplier here in wellington and am offering them free to whoever wants them. They come in 1kg punnets.

Please contact me to organise delivery or shipping
Marty 027 4444 697

johne21, Sep 30, 8:02am
Yes please I am in Wellington this weekend could I pick them please .....0212945603 Thanks Wendy

julzienz, Sep 30, 8:05am
Hi there, where in Wellington?

lilyfield, Sep 30, 8:14am
please donate them to the needy- foodbank or such

blackbattler, Sep 30, 8:15am
How are they packaged?

spamlamp, Sep 30, 8:16am
roughly a handfull

spamlamp, Apr 27, 6:53pm
sorry, they have all been taken now. appreciate the interest