Easy Marmalade Recipe

donma, Sep 30, 2:28am
I have been asked to make 60 jars of marmalade for a special event. Could anyone help me with a really easy recipe please.

grandma, Sep 30, 3:41am
Easy grapefruit or orange Marmalade posted by cgvt. 6 large grapefruit or oranges, 9cups water, 6lb sugar.Cut up the fruit or do it in food processor, stand overnight in the water. Next day bring to the boil.Boil approx 10mins.Add sugar and bring back to the boil. Boil approx 30-40mins. Test for setting after 30mins. You can halve this recipe. Can mix fruits eg oranges, lemons, limes. Also can add preserved ginger. (Mine always takes a bit longer than the 40 mins to set.) Recommended.

pickles7, Sep 30, 5:48am
Three fruit marmalade.
preserving pan
sugar thermometer
1 kg of grapefruit [poor-mans oranges]
1 kg navel oranges
2 lemons
4 liters water
5 kg white sugar
slice the fruit thinly, discard pips.
Put the fruit into the preserving pan
cover with the water and leave overnight.
Next morning bring the fruit to the boil and simmer uncovered for 1&1/2 hours.
warm the sugar in the oven
Remove from heat and stir in 5 kg of warmed sugar. Stir to dissolve the sugar, then return the pan to the heat
Boil hard until it reaches 222%F---107%C
May only take 10 minutes.
heat jars in the oven, boil lids
Put into hot jars and seal.. I re use jam jars that self seal.
I don't test jams any more, messsssssy, just use the sugar thermometer

donma, Sep 30, 6:31am
Thank you both. I heard that Meyer lemons are not suitable for marmalade. Is this correct? I wonder why?

sultana0, Sep 30, 7:11am
I love adding Lime to marmalade,,, yum as

juliewn, Sep 30, 7:57am
Hi Donma.. I use only Meyer lemons for marmalade.. and made a Lemon Marmalade recently, using only Meyer's.. it set very quickly and tastes delicious.. the recipe..

Finely slice 10 good sized lemon's (or use oranges, grapefruit, or a mix of all three of the fruit).

Place in a large casserole dish (food grade plastic is fine too). Don't use a metal container.

Pour over 3 litres of cold water and leave at least 8 hours or overnight.

Pour all of this mix into a large pan or preserving pan, bring to a boil and keep boiling until the orange pieces are very soft - about an hour at least..

Add 5 cups of sugar, stir till dissolved, then add more sugar, one cup at a time, tasting after each cup of the sugar has dissolved - and add sugar until the marmalade has reached the sweetness you prefer.

Keep at a fast boil, checking for setting after about 15 mins.. and bottle once the setting point has been reached.

I find that I use around 1/2 to 2/3 of the amount of sugar that's usually in a marmalade recipe - and the result is tangy/sweet marmalade with a lovely colour, and good keeping quality.

I make my jams this way with the sugar too and they taste sweet/tangy too, with good fruit flavour.

I hope this is of help.. :-)

donma, Oct 2, 12:14am
No excuses now. Thanks all - will get onto the case tomorrow.

harrislucinda, Oct 2, 2:09am

nauru, Oct 2, 5:51am
Yes I agree with the above poster so if you do use grapefruit,please say so on the label.Because of this reason, I stopped buying homemade marmalade at sales etc in case it did have grapefruit in it.The stall holders don't always know.

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