whats the best and fastest way to lose weight on

leannekkn, Oct 13, 4:58am
your hips?

lilyfield, Oct 13, 5:45am
stop eating

kcak, Oct 13, 5:47am
Eat sensibly and get lots of exercise.

jag5, Oct 13, 5:48am
No safe way. Weight loss has to be gradual to be effective and stay off.

bedazzledjewels, Oct 13, 5:52am
Fast and best don't mean the same thing!
You could try the new "6 Week Cure for the Middle-aged Middle" by Drs Eades. Support for this approach over in the Low Carb thread.

madzwhippet, Oct 13, 7:24am
Best and longest lasting results from regular exercise combined with lowered intake of fatty and sweetened foods... ... . . Eating plenty of vegestables , fruits, some proteins and reducing carbohydrates ... . . all help if you look at it as a long term change of life-style... ... . regular exercise speeds up metabolism of foods ingested... ... 20 to 30 minuted walk after every meal brings great changes ...

madzwhippet, Oct 13, 7:25am
sorry that should read minutes not ninuted ... . .

bedazzledjewels, Oct 13, 7:27am
Another viewpoint - high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate.

goodfairy, Oct 13, 7:38am
reductal, fresh fruit and vegetable, exercise, lots of water, low carbs *no junk food *no takeaways *no sugary sweets, and lots of support from friends and family really goes a long way. good luck

tarshlove, Oct 13, 7:47am
Wire your jaw shut
I think that's what I need to do

nfh1, Oct 13, 7:57am
I think that the weight disappears last from the area you want it gone from first. Some sort of Dieter's Law I think. I don't think there is any way of reducing weight from a specific area.

indigo1, Oct 13, 8:20am
Exercise is the key - You can diet all you want - but you still need to expend energy to lose substantial amounts of weight (unless you are have massive muscles that requre alot of energy - which I doubt you have - no offence). Unfortunatly we have no control over where fat it broken down. Our body breaks down the fat from random parts of the body and transports it via the blood to the muscle where needed.

gibbze, Feb 23, 11:11pm
go on optifast it works lost 9kg in 4weeks take 4 2 meals at tea take salards or vegetable good luck

accroul, Feb 23, 11:22pm
You can't 'spot' reduce. If you could, I wouldn't still have my poochy tum from having 2 charming babies!

accroul, Feb 23, 11:24pm
Gawd, I hope not otherwise I'm going to be skinny & still have my poochy tum

bean21, Feb 24, 12:38am
weight watchers, all you have to do is reduce your portions, cut out all the extras like muffins etc during the day - extra cafe coffees that are made with milk and cut down of the wine. And exercise - just do lots of walking... I have lost 17kg doing just that. I eat normally as in I eat a normal family meal at night etc so it can be done

deb8888, Feb 24, 5:35am
First the body uses all of the sugars... then it uses up all of the carbs. . and only then does it uses up the stores of fat... . so ideally the first thing to do is to totally eliminate all sugars from your diet...

darlingmole, Feb 24, 5:39am
walking ... and lots of it.
Don't eat sh*t food
eat healthy food - lots of water

no brainer really BUT!

please remember that your "weight" comes off everywhere, not just one specific region that you are targeting ...

sparkyc, Feb 24, 7:10am
Eat protein (either eggs, meat, fish, or vegetarianprotein) eat greens, beans, salads, fruit.

Cut out butter, oil, potato, rice, pasta

Limit bread to 2 slices/day in morning or lunch or before exercise. Some porridge in morning to sustain energy during day.
Make sure you have protien after exercise and evening.

Have plenty of water and do some walking.

purplegoanna, Sep 5, 5:08pm
low carbs and high thigh exercise, stairs, walking, biking, treadmill & squats.

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