Jam biscuites

sheriff5, Sep 29, 5:36am
Please can someone help me i need the recipe from the edmonds cookbook for jam biscuites. I cant find my recipe book at the moment cos have not long moved cheers, and thanks in advance.

noonesgirl, Sep 29, 6:14am
Shrewberry Biscuits (Hope this is the one)
125gr butter
125gr sugar
1 egg
1TBSP grated lemon rind
225gr flour
1tsp b/powder
Raspberry ja

Cream butter & sugar, add egg & rind & beat well. Add sifted flour & b/powder. Knead, roll out & cut into rounds, making a sm hole in alternate biscuits. Bake 5 - 20 mins @ 180. When cold jam togehter.

sheriff5, Apr 25, 8:18am
Yip thats the one thanks a lot