Pasta / noodle maker

dabo, Sep 27, 2:28am
Hi - our family are big pasta eaters and I've been wondering about getting a pasta / noodle maker.One of the machines that rolls the sheets or slices the strips not a pasta dough maker.But I was wondering if anyone has one and can make any comments - or does it just sit in the cupboard, perhaps 'cos its fiddly to clean?Any thoughts, makes, things to look out for etc very welcome TIA

lizab, Sep 27, 2:38am
I've got one and it's great fun. I've heard you can get electric ones, but I couldn't find one, so went ahead and bought a manual one.

wadboy, Sep 27, 4:02am
Good fun. Can make lots of things with them. They are not hard to clean as the dough does not stick to the machine. If you have time to make the pasta it is well worth the money.

greerg, Apr 19, 1:03pm
I have one too and use it a lot.Not difficult to clean at all