Annabelle longbein recipe chili jam

darlingmole, Sep 25, 7:06am
did any1 get it down?

pam.delilah, Sep 25, 7:19am
it has just popped up on TV 1's website now

Chilli Jam
This amazingly flavoursome sweet chilli sauce is a super-useful fridge fixing and a jar makes a great gift.
Prep time 10 mins
Cook time 20 mins

Makes 1 jar (2 cups)

1 head garlic, cloves peeled
6-8 long red chillies (eg Cayenne or Serrano), stems removed and flesh roughly chopped, seeds left in
3 big thumbs (100g) fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
Optional: 2 double kaffir lime leaves, deveined
2 1/2 cups caster sugar
6 tbsp water
finely grated zest of 4 limes
1/2 cup rice vinegar
3 tbsp Asian fish sauce (nam pla)
1 tbsp soy sauce

Sterilise some screw top jars and their metal lids.

Purée the garlic, chillies, ginger and kaffir leaves, if using, to a coarse paste. Place the paste in a saucepan with the sugar, water, lime zest, rice vinegar, fish sauce and soy sauce.

Stir the mixture over a medium heat until the sugar dissolves, then boil it for about 10 minutes until it is reduced by a third. It will bubble up like jam.

Spoon the hot jam into the sterilised jars until it is filled to within 3mm of the top. Carefully cover with boiling water until the jars overflow and seal with the screw lids.

juliewn, Apr 16, 6:01pm
Thanks Pam :-)

Have just copied it for a friend who grows a lot of chillies..