What pot set do you recommend?

glambert, Sep 23, 7:47am
I asked in parenting earlier, but would like some more opinions - I'm tossing up between Scanpan and Circulon, but could be tempted by another brand - anyone got pots they LOVE?

cookessentials, Sep 23, 7:51am
For me, Infinite Circulon hands down. I have them and I sell them. I dont have Scanpan because the return rate on them is just so high.
IC have a lifetimme guarantee, they can go in the oven, handle and all, they are suitable for all cooking types,inclduing induction. The only others I would recommend would be Danish Gastrolux and German Henckel.

glambert, Sep 23, 8:05am
thanks- thats the way I am leaning, just weary of becoming the pot Nazi with others using them and scratching them lol.

greerg, Sep 23, 9:57am
I have just got my first Infinite Circulon pieces and I love them.Definitely more on the wish/present list.

chicco2, Sep 23, 10:49am
I have recently purchased a Circulon frypan andam so inlove with it. I cant believe how many years and pans have gone by. I never want to use anything else. Go for Circulon.

cookessentials, Apr 11, 1:43pm
They are pretty tough. I store my skillets with a folded tea-towel between them. They wash up like a dream. We have a shop model that people can take home to try and it looks as good as the day it was new and it has been used by alot of customers, have yet to have someone who has borrowed it and not bought one. Keep them clean,good,hot soapy water. You can get the circulon dish brush for cleaning them if you wish. Their baking tins are also fantastic, they have the same hi/low ridges on the base and you use NO grease-everything just comes out super easy.