Powdered sugar

glynsmum, Sep 23, 3:14am
do any of you good folks know what powdered sugar is?

pericles, Sep 23, 3:17am
confectioner's sugar or icing sugar

glynsmum, Sep 23, 3:29am
Thanks Pericles,so confectioners sugar is also icing sugar?

cookessentials, Sep 23, 3:53am
Confectioners sugar and powdered sugar are American terms for icing sugar.

glynsmum, Sep 23, 9:09pm
Thanks,appreciate the help got some great american receipes but of course differant terms ie: stick of butter LOL

michelle313, Sep 24, 6:08am
Well margarine and butter comes in sticks in the USA.They are equal to 1/2 cup or about 113 grams.

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