Devilled sausages here tonight

mindi1, Sep 21, 5:59am
And I don't mind saying that the base is a Maggi sachet.

Sausies ~ I use chicken.
Tomato sauce, though I don't have that so will use mild chilli sauce.
Maggi mix.

Have made this before and it is easy and successful.

rainrain1, Sep 21, 6:49am
I hate to say this tonight...but it's lamb chops

fisher, Sep 21, 11:56am
mindi1 .. try this one...
slice 6 raw sausages in half and cook until golden brown.. set aside.. peel 3 spuds and par boil till JUST soft in water (tsp of salt).. then fill pot with cold water to cool.. Fry two med sliced onions till brown..
Slice the potatoes and lay flat into oven proof dish.. little salt and white pepper.. layer the fried onions on top.. cut the sausages into three pieces and layer over the top of the onions.. add a level tablespoon of curry powder to a jug, then a beef crumbled oxo cube.. add 100ml boiling water and a pkt of Maggi Sage and onion gravy..Mix/stir well adding a little more boiling water as required.. Pour this over the top and place in oven at 180c for 25 mins.. Put some frozen peas in a pot and pour some of the boiling water over to remove ice.. immediately drain water.. 5 mins before serving, pour boiling water over peas, add a tsp of sugar and proceed to serve up sausages while peas warm up.. then drain water (do NOT boil peas) and serve heated peas to one side...

pickles7, Apr 8, 12:06pm
Yep the pkts do have there place. same every-time, spices always fresh. I will also throw in a cube of S&B Golden Curry, we love the extra spice these add.