Melting hard dark chocolate

infinityjrc, Sep 18, 5:46am
I dont have a microwave and was wondering how i can melt this chocolate so that it goes nice and runny?

dumbass383, Sep 18, 5:53am
I am no expert but what about in a pot which is sitting in a bigger pot which has water in it?on the stove of course...haha

245sam, Sep 18, 6:14am
infinityjrc, either use a saucepan with a heat-proof (stainless steel is ideal) bowl or if your electric jug or kettle can have its lid removed and a bowl sat on top you could use that - boil the water and sit the bowl of chocolate on top but make sure that the base of the bowl is not touching the water, and do NOT have the water boiling or simmering whilst the chocolate is over it - if the water cools before the chocolate is fully melted, remove the bowl, reboil the water and then return the bowl to the boiled, but not boiling or simmering water - this is how we were taught to melt the chocolate at a chocolate making class where there were no microwave ovens in sight.

Hope that helps.:-))

elliehen, Sep 18, 6:19am
245sam has got it right.This is exactly how I melt Whittaker's 72% Dark Ghana :)

dumbass383, Sep 18, 6:48am
didnt know about the pot with the chocolate not touching the water...good info on this channel...haha

samsara11, Sep 18, 6:51am
top pot touches the water and you will have grainy horrible chocolate.

tortenz, Sep 18, 7:45am
I always just melt directly on a pot on the stove... as low as it will go.Never had a problem

margyr, Sep 18, 7:48am
in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water, but do not heat the choc over 70 degree as it will burn, and clump. or do in 10 second bursts in the microwave stirring after each 10 secs.

tich50, Sep 18, 9:01am

infinityjrc, Sep 19, 6:19am
Thanks i will have a go with the bowl over the electric jug method thanks to all of you who helped with this.

andrea1978, Mar 31, 9:41am
You can just do it in a saucepan on a low heat - I do for my chocolate brownies, although you put sugar & butter in as well, so maybe that's why it's okay?