Chicken carcass

sara134, Sep 13, 11:48pm
Well we had a huge roast chicken last night and now i have a chicken carcass that still has a bit of meat on it and was wondering if there is anything i can make with it?i was thinking i would maybe make a vege soup using it?

winnie231, Sep 13, 11:54pm
sara - here's a recipe from fisher ... who's a bit of a legend around here & a great cook!

Chicken Soup:...
Remove any cooked chicken meat from the carcasses and set aside... Take carcasses and cover with water in large stock pot..
Add 1 tsp of salt, 1 onion, chopped, 1 tsp of crushed peppercorns, 5 garlic cloves crushed and bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins... To the pot, now add the leaves of 4 celery stalks, the peelings of 4 carrots and a small swede, and grab any outers from cabbage or whatever veges you have in your fridge.. nice time for a fridge clean out.. Add 2 bay leaves and let this simmer 15 -20 mins more.. This is going to make your base stock.. Strain this into a large saucepan, clean the stockpot and return the stock and add a pkt of Kings chicken soup mix. (discard the peelings and bones) Stir, cover and simmer for 30 mins... While this is happening, chop up your carrots into chunky pieces, chop up your celery stalks and chop 2 large potatoes and a small swede chopped into 2 cm squares. Add a sprinkle of salt, white pepper and a chicken oxo cube and cover and cook until vegetables just tender.. Remove 1/4 of the vegetables and place back in your saucepan... Using a stick blender and a little soup juice, mash these vegetables to make a thick consistency and add back into the stockpot to thicken the soup... Stir, Do a further taste test and season as required. Break up the chicken into smaller pieces if needed, add to the pot for the last 5-10 mins of simmering.. This ensures the chicken is not overcooked and remains tender... Magnificent served with real fresh bread and lashings of butter or those soup rolls you can buy from the supermarket and put into the oven... *posted by fisher*

sara134, Sep 13, 11:55pm
yum that sounds good!thanx.will give it a try :)

lillol, Mar 17, 10:01am
I have one too and am making a chicken pie as we speak, it's my own recipe so hope it's okay. I've fried some bacon and onion, made some flakey pastry. When the onion and bacon has cooled I am going to put it on the bottom pastry and put in the cooked chicken pieces, I'm going to mix up a couple of eggs and put the pastry on top. Hopefully my kids will like it :) I think you could also make a nice soup with veges and then put the chicken in it too. Yummy, I'm hungry now hahaha!