Can you freeze cooked rice??

wendy1968, Sep 13, 9:05pm
Probably a really dump Q, but I am going away for 3 weeks in a couple of weeks & are trying to get as many easy to reheat meals done as possible for my family...anyone done it, & was it ok? TIA

wendy1968, Sep 13, 9:06pm
Thanks pericles for that instant reply!

retired, Sep 13, 9:08pm
Yes, spread out flat for easy thawing and storing.Once it is cold I spread it out in a storage bag flat on a tray and freeze as it is easy to store this way for us. That depends how much you are freeing of course!

maggie.o, Sep 13, 9:20pm
yes i find it good as just have to run boiling water over it then ready to go also good in meal form micro wave it living on my own i do it often rather then waste thanks maggie

wellyamerican, Sep 14, 2:43am
I always freeze my rice, I usually cook a couple of huge pot fulls, and cool and freeze it. Its excellent for Fried rice

lizab, Mar 17, 11:05pm
I freeze it too - very handy when you've made too much for dinner and can't be bothered turning it into rice pudding for dessert :)