Active dried yeast -- Pinnacle 1Kg bucket

nigelt74, Sep 13, 1:15am
Hi all

We have recently moved to the South Waikato, and we cannot seem to findyeast in bulk, we used to buy pinnacle 1kg active dried yeast at out local Binn inn down south, but can't seem to find any yeast in a decent sized container, any ideas?


tower, Sep 13, 5:05am
Do you have a Moore Wilsons there?That's where we get it from.It's Pinnacle but the tub I have is 1.5 kg.

juliewn, Sep 13, 8:23am
Hi - could you ask a Bin Inn type store to order some for you.. just checked your profile to see where you are - though some distance from you to Hamilton, I think there's a Bin Inn in the Clyde shopping centre at Hamilton East..

nigelt74, Sep 16, 1:51am
Thanks guys, yes it was actually a 1.5kg tub, Moore Wilson appears to be wellington area only, as for Binn inn, we very rarely venture to Hamilton, but wifey found an online company that sells yeast on trademe, although they seem to think the waikato is in the South island

kob, Mar 24, 4:52pm
nigelt74, why cant you ring your old bin inn and get them to courier it to you, at your cost of course, or they may be able to help you with where you can re buy it down there