Leftover meat

bubbles22222, Sep 12, 9:33pm
If you cook a roast one day,how many days would u continue to eat leftovers, before you consider too old

dbab, Sep 12, 11:09pm
2-3 days would be my limit, as long as the meat had been kept in the fridge all that time.

lythande1, Sep 13, 12:39am
I cut them in half so I don't have to.

beaker59, Sep 13, 1:09am
Depends on the meat really white use up quickly red lasts allot longer but if its in the fridge dryness usually gets to be an issue before it goes off.

Not that meat ever stays in the fridge long here.

stefanie, Sep 13, 1:15am
Probably at least 4 days...

norton, Mar 15, 11:11am
Prob a couple of days for ref meat then make it into a shepherd pie yum yum