Reading some threads earlier today, Isnt it great

vintagekitty, Sep 12, 8:00am
some mums are still baking.

summersunnz, Sep 12, 9:20am
I think lots of people are still baking - and lots of people have started baking in the last year or so - with Trademe a contributor to that because of this messageboard.

lindylambchops1, Sep 12, 9:32am
Today I made a coconut & banana loaf & a dozen blackcurrant muffins for the school lunches tomorrow.Back to school after the earthquake!If it rains tomorrow I want to make some peanut cookies.;)

vintagekitty, Sep 12, 11:38am
I think you are riight. I have been baking for my family today and thanks to people posting, im still baking this evening for friends

stormbaby, Sep 12, 9:28pm
There is something very soothing about baking (and cooking!) and "providing" those full tins for the kids and hubby's lunches!

gr8stuf4me, Sep 12, 11:17pm
lindylambchops, your coconut and banana loaf - would you care to share the recipe - it sounds lovely.TIA

lizab, Sep 12, 11:33pm
I love baking!!! I've made a loaf of bread today, a double batch of apricot cake and there is a raisin bread loaf rising on top of my warm oven :)

norton, Sep 13, 2:39am
I think its good too - I got sick of buying bars for kids lunches that didnt fill them up and were expensive. The kids enjoy it too especially when they come home with a recipe they have made at school and want to cook it again

wildflower, Sep 13, 3:47am
I baked with my nana from the time I was knee high, she's gone now but I still love baking and those memories.

greerg, Sep 13, 7:15am
I specially bake when stressed.Earthquake has prompted lots of cakes which have been distributed far and wide.Made the big chocolate cake that hooksie60 posted recently as a welcome back cake for work when we were allowed back today and that whole giant cake vanished amongst a small staff.It's a real "comfort activity' that seems to bring pleasure to the recipients too so everyone's happy.Mind you I think there's quite a bit of comfort eating going on in the earthquake aftermath - except for those people who seem to visibly fading away!

winnie231, Sep 13, 7:29am
It's funny greerg - I completely lost my baking 'mojo' in the past week - post earthquake - and yet while I was living at Mum's (who is a great cook), I totally took over meal prep.
Here too - I kept reading threads - but wasn't remotely moved to help or post ... other than 'talking' about the quake & it's aftermath.
Thankfully my inner chef is awake again!
I think I was conscious of not letting the stressful time lead to comfort eating ... which has been an issue in the past.
Now, I'm enjoying baking again - and have homemade gingernuts in the tin if anyone comes for a cuppa :)

calista, Sep 13, 8:22am
I am not comfort eating - I'm self medicating with chocolate.

eastie3, Sep 13, 8:28am
I baked all the time when the kids were still at home but gradually got out of the habit as they left.As they returned to Wellington from their OE's I have got back into it and since my grandson was born and DIL is at home with him I make something most weeks for them.They love everything and are really appreciative,and I enjoy it.I have always found cooking very relaxing but have never been as confident as a baker because it's easier to make mistakes,well it is for me as I'm a freestyle cook and baking is a bit more precise.My DIL is keen to upskill and learn more so I'm doing that as best I can.It won't be long before she is better than me as she seems to have a real flair and is keen to tackle quite complicated recipes.

The last thing I made was the Chocolate Caramel slice from this blog:

(scroll down)

elliehen, Sep 13, 11:48am
Winter is a good time for baking and warms the heart of the house.

darlingmole, Sep 13, 8:37pm
I agree with other posters ... it's therapeutic to bake and create and you get this amazing aroma and delicious taste to enjoy and share after your efforts

indy95, Sep 14, 12:57am
Now that is a really good idea !

glendeb, Mar 18, 1:05pm
I love it too!When I was pregnant with my first son it was my stress relief, now after 4 children I still bake at least twice a week.

Although my 6 year old has been asking for shop bought biscuits lately so I've relented, just for a while, so they can see how boring they are!(with the exception of the odd chocy one!)