Chicken Risotto

tiffany05, Sep 11, 3:29am
Have found some yummy risotto recipies here, but I want to add chicken to mine.Should I cook the chicken separately and add at the end, or can it be done along the way?Haven't made a risotto before......

greerg, Sep 11, 6:17am
I add shredded poached chicken (or shredded leftover roast chicken) with the last ladle of stock.By the time the stock is absorbed the shredded chicken has heated through.

motorbo, Sep 11, 6:29am
poached chicken is fantastic, put chicken breast in the pot add chicken stock bring to the boil, lid on turn off element and leave for about 45mins, it will be perfectly cooked, or you can slice and pan fry, either way i would serve the chicken on the side of the rissoto or sliced on top of it

cookessentials, Mar 11, 12:10pm
Have bumped the "rice" thread and there is a great risotto recipe there, just omit the blue cheese etc and add the cooked chicken towards the end. Make sure it is heated through well though, before serving.