Coleslaw with spicy satay dressing

kizzier, Sep 9, 7:11am
When we went out for tea recently DP had the above and loved it. Would anyone happen to have a recipe? And also for coconut rice??

anne1955, Jul 10, 10:19am
Satay Dressing is easy :) I make it with peanut butter and tomato sauce..add garlic and ginger and anything else you like a little chilli sometimes a little pineapple juice or just sugar will go start with a couple of tbsp's of peanut butter either smooth or churnchy (sp) I like the latter...mix in a saucepan with about the half amount of tom sauce..add other things to taste I like spicy...and then something sweet sugar about a good tbsp or pineapple juice if I use sugar I add a little water to make it to the mix I want for a coleslaw I'd make it thinner..for meat thicker..just make it to taste...if your not a packet sauce maker you will know how to taste add taste add again ...can't go wrong and it will keep in fridge..hope this helps

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