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tekeflapz, Sep 8, 11:19pm
hello. i am baking a choc cake for the 1st time in a fan bake oven,on the recipe it says to bake at 180○c for 25-30 minutes. Do i need to alter anything? or just keep it at the 180○C? many thanks

cookessentials, Sep 8, 11:43pm
With fan bake, either reduce temp by about 10 degrees or just cook for less. I just test mine before removing, I very rarely reduce the temp.

chef1964, Sep 9, 1:04am
agreed and correct :)

obviousas, Sep 9, 1:11am
I think it's trial and error. First time you try it using a conventional oven recipe you allow a 5 to 8% discount on the time. Then probe the finished product to see if it is cooked.

Generally, for longer baking times and higher temps, you may have to decrease the fan bake time by 10 to 12%. It is possible the top maybe burnt but not ready underneath.

We have a turbo oven, super fast for smallish baking or reheating. Still struggling to accurately convert recipe.

buzzy110, Jul 10, 8:36am
When baking cakes low and slow is preferable to hot and fast. I'd lower the temperature in order to achieve a flat topped finish. I really hate it when I see cakes that have either split or worse, risen up like a volcano. There have been several threads on this subject lately and IMO it is better to err on the side of too low and cook longer than too high and have an imperfectly formed cake.

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