Indoor Hangi ?

bantam3, Sep 7, 5:27am
Ive being wanting to buy a hangi cooker for outside but put off by the price. I cant see why the same system wouldn't work using a deep pot on my gas stove. 12mm of water, meat and vege wrapped in cheese cloth with lid on. Any experts out there with ideas? Thanks

glenj, Sep 7, 6:29am
trademe: crockpot hangi search (anytime)

tania007, Sep 7, 7:35am
We do hangi in crockpot, put layer of halved peeled potatoes on base of crockpot, add your slab of meat. pack all your other roast vegies in around meat cover with either watercress or thick pile cabbage leaves, careful they dont touch sides or will burn,make pile homemade stuffing and cover and pack it down and cook from about 9am in morning, add no water or anything as the meet and vegies create their own juices .Yum.

bantam3, Sep 7, 8:16am
That sounds great and easy. Only problem is i was going to get the meat after work tomorrow so will have to wait til Thursday! Was that cooked on high or low?

korbo, Sep 12, 5:56am
i cook mine on low. really really nice.check out a thread called hangi crockpot

kfred, Mar 15, 9:12am
You can buy liquid smoke from here to make it taste more authentic, I haven't got around to trying it yet but have made the crockpot hangi & it's so delicious & easy.