Caster sugar question

cookiemonster27, Sep 4, 1:43am
a question I always seem to ask myself while doing the weekly saturday baking day - "Can you use Caster Sugar in cakes and biscuites in stead of the normal white sugar"?
if so, do you still use the same mm's .....?

tortenz, Sep 4, 1:48am
Scientifically.. I don't know.However I use all sugars (castor, normal and brown) interchangeably without any trouble :)

cookiemonster27, Sep 4, 1:53am
thats good enough for me - thanks so much

cookessentials, Sep 4, 2:06am
Yes, I use caster sugar in everything I make as it dissolves far more quickly and in preserves and jams it is preferable as it gives a very clear jam as opposed to ordinary granulated sugar.

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