How do i stop large cracks in my cake?

ashanti, Sep 4, 12:08am
Hi, i am making a large choccy cake (recipe from this recipe forum) I made a half batch and didn't have any cracking problems, now with the full recipe I got a very large deep crack in the cake, so am going to bake another one (need it for birthday cake for tomorrow).
Any ideas why the cracking?

indy95, Sep 4, 12:36am
Ashanti, I think this usually happens because the mixture was overbeaten before baking. Putting a wet teatowel over the tin as soon as it is out of the oven will sometimes help, otherwise you just need to slice off as much as necessary to even up the cake surface before icing.

kiwibubbles, Sep 4, 12:39am
isn't it something to do with too much flour?

ashanti, Sep 4, 12:42am
thanks for the tip indy95 will give that ago

kob, Sep 4, 1:18am
i thought it was an over hot oven

indy95, Sep 4, 1:30am
Yes, I think sometimes if the oven is too hot the cake batter will rise up and burst through the partially cooked top surface which gives you a cake that looks like Mt Taranaki. You could always decorate it to look like a volcano, then who will know ?

tortenz, Sep 4, 1:50am
I heard a baker once say to put the cake in the oven at the correct temp, then turn it down a bit once it's in there.The initial hotness starts the baking powder process, and turning it down prevents it cracking (from cooking too much on the outside before cooking inside

ferita, Sep 4, 1:59am
You could try putting a ramekin with water in it in the oven to keep the air moist

ashanti, Sep 4, 2:56am
thanks for all the helpfull suggestions, next question is, do i ahve to wait for the cake to be really cold before I place on one of those fancy cake boards?

juliewn, Sep 4, 3:06am
Hi Ashanti.. yes, I'd wait till it's completely cold, otherwise condensation will form and make the bottom of the cake a little soggy..

For the cake that has a split, you can cut the top of the cake horizontally so that the cut is just above the deepest part of the split.. about 1/2 cm above..

When you ice the cake, fill that 1/2 cm hollow that's left, with icing as well.. no-one will notice.. and cake saved..

Use the piece cut off to make a choccy trifle.. in the same way you would a sponge trifle..

Plums go well with a chocolate cake trifle - the tinned plums work well.. use brown sugar and some vanilla in the custard to make a slightly caramel flavour for the custard..

Choccy cake / plums / caramel custard.. trifle.. done!! lol..

ashanti, Feb 25, 11:53am
Thanks so much for the ideas