5 Year Old girls birthday party please help

lerisah-joe, Sep 4, 8:40pm
Hi everyone i am a big fan of this recipe site i have never posted anything before but i am always reading thru all the posts. Now my little girl is turning 5 on saturday and would love it if any one has any ideas for food for kids and adults any kind of input would be much appreciated thanks alot.

a_n_h, Sep 4, 9:49pm
for my miss 5s 5th birthday we had a hannah montana theme and we just did the usual-cake, sausage rolls, cherios, had the bbq going so had home made burgers, chippies, a few lollies, pikelets, bikkies

glendeb, Sep 4, 10:32pm
My favourite party foods to cover all ages are:

Sausage Sizzle - way easy to fire up the BBQ and it gives the boys something to do!
Sausage Rolls
Chips and dip
Crackers and cheese
Vege sticks and salsa
Club sandwiches
And of course cake!

Base your theme on your birthday girls favourite thing - or something she likes.Its easier and cheaper to have one thing (like the cake) as the theme and then just have pink plates and cups.(eg when my son had an army party for his 5th birthday we had a battlefield cake and got 2 camo tarpaulins from the warehouse.Everything else was just shades of green)

jamiemew, Sep 5, 7:50pm
we are having a princess theme for family this sat too! but the kids are dairy free and egg free so
we are having the usual cake! home made to suit
sausages rolls
jelly cups
princess short bread wands
fairy bread cut into crown shapes
princess cup cakes
grapes, oranges, pineapple, blue berries and what ever other yummy fruit we can get! was going to do fruit kebabs but no water melon around etc so would be boring lol
scones (chesse for adults and cinnamon pin wheels for kids)
vege sticks
the kids will have a lolly hunt but trying to stay away from heaps of lollies with all the baking junk ;)

hope you have a great day

peaknuckle, Sep 6, 4:35am
for my daughter's 6th birthday we covered half an orange with tinfoil, turned it upside down and stuck toothpicks into it with cheese and pineapple on the other end of the toothpicks. She loved it and ate the blooming lot!

kyles1976, Sep 7, 5:53am
My sister dips the top of a marshmallow in chocolate and then in hundreds and thousands - they look very cute! Also fairy cupcakes go down a treat too! (I have to admit these arent very healthy options but it is a birthday party!)

msfit1, Sep 7, 5:59am
cupcakes with decorations provided to make your own are great.
crispy chicken wings. veggies with dips. easy fun

lerisah-joe, Sep 8, 5:13am
Thank you all very much for your wonderful ideas and they are much appreciated(hope i spelt that right).

cookessentials, Mar 6, 11:11am
yes, you did!