When a recipie asks for 1 cup oil.....

charyn1, Aug 22, 4:22am
can you use butter instead? want to make a cake but have no oil( and cant be bothered going to get any )

radiodanny, Aug 22, 4:32am
Yes it will be fine. Use melted butter. I interchange Olivio margarine and oils all the time for baking. If the recipe asks for butter I use Olivio as I don't like butter, and if I'm short, I'll go 50/50 with oil. If the recipe says oil (like carrot cake), sometimes I'll use melted Olivio instead. Everything turns out just fine

seb28, Aug 22, 5:49am
Yip I do it all the time because I hate margarine... in all baking

Most muffin recipes call for oil... buggar that, so much nicer with butter

noonesgirl, Aug 22, 6:55am
Have a mental block when it comes to baking with oil. Would never use it.

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