do you make your own cheese sauce?

crusierman, Jan 25, 10:03pm
if so how? Please :)

dragonzflame, Jan 25, 10:06pm
easy. Just make a white sauce, add cheese, tasty's good, but whatever you have to hand, and a bit of mustard and wine if you like. If you're adding extra liquid like that though, make your sauce a little thicker.

crusierman, Jan 25, 10:07pm

talent.scout, Jan 25, 10:09pm
basically - around a tablespoon of butter melted in a pan... . add approx two tablespoons of flour... . quickly mix to a paste... gradually add around a cup of milk, a little at a time...constantly mixing, to avoid lumps... . . it will thicken as you stir... add grated cheese and salt/pepper

this is the same method for white sauce - just dont add the cheese.

some people add onion with the butter. .

cookessentials, Jan 25, 10:48pm
Yes, as above basically. Sir in your cheese though when sauce is not bubbling as it can separate. I always remove pan from heat and gradually add cheese ( prefereably a good strong cheddar for best flavour) stirring welllas you add it. i too, use this same basic sauce as a base for onion sauce for corned beef or a parsley sauce for fish.

talent.scout, Jan 25, 11:31pm
also use this for mustard sauce... adding mustard/powder and a teaspoon of brown sugar...

add parsley for parsley sauce (obviously)lol

245sam, Jan 26, 12:03am
I sure do make my own cheese, white, parsley, onion or whatever flavour sauce - by the roux method and in the microwave. Mustard sauce is also made in the microwave but for that I use the recipe which uses an egg and the cooking liquid from cooking the (usually) corned silverside.
As for quantities and thickness, my white/bechamel sauces are based on what I was taught at Manual Training about 45 years agoi. e. to 1 cup liquid (usually milk) use ¾-1 tbsp each of butter and flour for a thin sauce for soups; 1½-2 tbsp each of butter and flour for a general purpose sauce for on vegetables and for scalloped dishes, etc. ; 2¼-3 tbsp each of butter and flour for a thick sauce for souffles and savoury fillings; and for a very thick sauce for croquettes use 3-3½ tbsp each of butter and flour - all tbsp measures should be level.

Hope that helps. :-))

jaybee2003, Jul 16, 12:47pm
Instead of starting with a roux as mentioned previouly - I often cheat with this sauce - in fact, for many dishes I prefer this one:

Cheats Cheese Sauce [for an oven baked dish]
2 T cornflour, 500g greek yoghurt, 2 eggs, 1 tsp wholegrain or dijon mustard, 75g grated parmesan.
Measure the cornflour into a bowl. Blend in a little of the yoghurt, stir in the eggs and whisk by hand until smooth. Add the remaining yoghurt and mustard. Pour over or mix mix through your dish, and heat/cook. Will thicken on cooking.

Cheats pouring Cheese Sauce:
1 T cornflour, 500g greek yoghurt, 2 egg yolks, 1 tsp mustard wholegrain or dijon, 75g grated parmesan, lemon juice [optional].
Mix the cornflour in a small saucepan with a some of the yoghurt and mustard till smooth. Add the remaining yoghurt and blend. Heat, bringing to the boil, stirring constantly. It should thicken and be smooth. Still stirrring, add the cheese, egg yolks and season with salt and pepper. Add lemon juice at this stage if wanted. Pour and enjoy your meal. !

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