Easy yeast dough recipes

tazzaboy2, Aug 21, 4:50am
Hi. . i have edmonds yeast in the pantry. . and would like some easy peasy dough recipes from scratch. . so i can make. . pizza bases, pastry etc. . thankyou.

deblet_, Aug 21, 5:08am
Ive just made pizza dough this arvo, mine is easy peasy
2. 5 cups flour
tsp salt
In small jug combine 1 cup warm water, 1 tsp sugar and 8g yeast. Leave a few min for it to get a bit frothy then combine with the flour mix. I did mine in the bread maker so just set it to dough but if doing by hand combine and knead for 5 min, put in large bowl, cover with gladwrap and leave 1 hour to rise.
Have fun!

tazzaboy2, Aug 21, 5:12am
thanks! ! was thinking about a bread maker. . do you recommend them?

deblet_, Aug 21, 5:22am
Nah, not really, we got ours as a freebie. I only ever use it to make dough, though in saying that the bread is DELICIOUS! so very dangerous!

ferita, Feb 13, 2:06am
I just add sugar water and yeast. Let it bubble then add a whole bag of flour. I never measure and just add more water if needed. I add a little salt as well but not too much (dont want to kill the yeast)