Where do you keep your recipes?

melp6, Aug 21, 12:20am
I'm not sure how to go about keeping my recipes

I have a book that I write them in(don'thave a printer) but the trouble is that as I write on both pages it's hard to read, not to mention the smudges of flour and whatever else I manage to spill on it.

Now of course I could only write on one pageor not spill stuff but I'm wondering if any of you have a better way of doing it?

cookessentials, Aug 21, 12:49am
I have a very old hard cover exercise book which is pretty dog-eared and I have dated a number of the recipes. I bought myself a lovely Christopher Vine recipe book and am slowly copying them out in there, I am writinng on one pageside only. I will keep the old one as weel, as it is a record that somewhere down the line, a grand child or far flung relative in 100 years time may want LOL

bunny51, Aug 21, 1:01am
Mine are in a floder inserted intothose loose leaf clear cover things Or stored on the computer or a memory stick (actually they are all over the place, I need to find a better system too lol)

floralsun, Aug 21, 2:36am
The plastic page folders or books are great - slide the recipes in, if any ingredients get dropped on, they wipe off easily.

$2 shops have them usually.

melp6, Aug 21, 3:45am
Yeah, was thinking about getting a clearfile and doing it that way

greerg, Aug 21, 4:02am
I have mine in computer files and print them on 15cm by 10 cm cards. I used to have them handwritten on cards in pre-computer days. The downside is that they are not as personal as a handwritten book but the upside is that they are easy to reprint if they get really messy and it's easy to print off one or a a selection for other people. I have a flatters' selection that has been given not just to my kids but also to several of their friends and flatmates.

hott-mama, Aug 21, 6:12am
mine are in a clearfile folder . .

I used to have them written or printed out and glued into a hardcover book but it started to look a bit grotty . .

this way is much better imo . .

pickles7, Feb 13, 9:54am
On the computer. I don't keep books any more, I have just sent my last find, off to get it authenticized. It was sort of a dairy come recipe book, maybe a house keeping book. Not complete , but has enough names and places to try and find out who it belonged to.