tinky_winky, Aug 20, 10:38pm
would any one like some

babytears, Aug 20, 11:15pm
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes please?

tinky_winky, Aug 21, 12:24am
u welcome to them, they just falling off the tree

floralsun, Aug 21, 2:31am
Me too ta ;-)

ferita, Aug 21, 2:40am
what are they?

tinky_winky, Aug 21, 3:25am
ops grapefruit

amiri1, Aug 21, 12:04pm
Hi Kelly! If you were closer I'd say yes! I've just remembered to add you on facebook (but I don't go on there very much)! Sorry about your poppa! :(

tinky_winky, Aug 21, 8:24pm
haha how did you find me here, thanks

amiri1, Feb 16, 12:56pm
Lol, looked at your profile to see if you were close enough for some free grapefruit of course!
Your profile pic on here reminded me of your facebook pic and a bit of backwards and forwarding between here and facebook, while my memory tried to get itself together and voila, sometimes I amaze myself! :)