What foods are Gluten Free

shelley39, Aug 19, 3:05am
I am starting to go Gluten Free but have no idea what foods contain Gluten or not. Thanks

earthangel4, Aug 19, 3:31am
Shelley, I am gluten free, I go to the gluten free section at the supermarket and buy crackers, rice waffers, gluten and dairy free baked fruit filled bars, there are also biscuits, macaroni cheese spaghetti, corn thins.
Hope this helps, but do read the labels as they change.

lil_miss_haley, Aug 19, 3:41am
Always good to go back to basics too, fruit, vege, meat (beware of sausages, ham etc because they may have additives with gluten). Rice is gluten free too. There's TONS of info on the internet aswell. Milk, cream, cheese is all good too. You will get very used to reading labels :PThere is a few really great threads in here.

jimbob37, Aug 19, 3:42am
wheat, barley and rye, also oats contain gluten. So any product that contains these things in any of their forms. Good luck!

lythande1, Aug 19, 4:30am
Glutenis the composite of two proteins called gliadinand glutenin. These exist, conjoined with starch, in the endospermof some grass-related grains, notably wheat, rye, and barley.


nfh1, Aug 19, 4:35am

Try this site, it is really helpful.

shelley39, Feb 7, 5:50pm
Thaks everyone. I will try the supermarket Gluten free section