Stuffed Buttercup

ceila, Feb 22, 12:58am
Does anyone know a good recipe for buttercup stuffed with mince?

fey, Feb 22, 1:07am
wish I did, I don't use mince... . I make a mix of fried onions, bacon, capsicum and anything else that takes my fancy... . then wrap it in tinfoil, put it in the slow cooker and ignore it for about five-six hours. YUM.

jellabie, Feb 22, 1:15am
I reckon this would work a treat - I got the recipe from here originally I think. . its a mince pie filling from the AWW

I have not tried it myself but it ought to be nice and rich if it's intended as a pie filling

Filling 750 gm minced steak 2 beef stock cubes salt and pepper 2 cups water pinch nutmeg 2 tbsp plain flour 1 3/4 cups extra water 1 tsp soya sauce

Place meat into pan, stir over low heat until meat is well browned. Drain off any surplus fat. Add crumbled stock cubes, water , salt pepper and nutmeg, stir until boiling, reduce heat, cover simmer gently for 20 minutes; remove from heat. Combine extra water and flour, stir until flour mixture is smooth. Add flour mixture to meat, stir until combined. Return to heat, stir until meat boils and thickens. Add soya sauce, stir until combined. Simmer uncovered 5 - 10 minutes, remove from heat and allow to become cold

jellabie, Feb 22, 1:16am
actually I think it sounds a bit bland - I would add onion, tomato sauce, gravy mix, Worcestershire sauce and some finely diced veg to it at the very least

fey, Feb 22, 1:19am
Hmm, you have made me think... . .could I make a simple stew and use the buttercup as a container in the slow cooker - would look great serving... . . might have to try it on the weekend.

fifie, Feb 22, 1:41am
Brown some mince in a frying pan, set aside. Saute sliced onion, peppers, shallots, whatever you have really add to mince. Add a handful of long grain rice, season with salt/ ground black pepper, add a few chopped herbs some worcester and tomato sauce to bind it all together. Scoop out centre of the butternut then pile in the mince mixture, slice some tomatoes on top then some grated cheese, with a few squirts of sweet chillie sauce on top cover with foil and bake in a mod oven till cooked taking the foil off the last half hour or so to let the top brown. Serve sliced with a nice salad. . If you like a more spicy mixture just add some spices or curry powder to the meat mixture, or sprinkle paprika on top of the cheese. I just use what i have available at the time when making this, also can throw it in the crock pot wrapped in foil to cook, but brown the top under grill just before serving. .

valentino, Aug 27, 12:47pm
A very simple one with butternut...

Cut the butternut in half length-wise, scoop out the seeds and a little bit of the very soft flesh.

In a frypan, 1 onion chopped and cooked until slightly clear, add mince, gently fry-simmer it for say about 5 to 8 minutes then add seasoning and herbs to taste then add a little of that flesh (optional).

In each half, fill with mince then put the two halves together, tie and secure all with cotton string, lightly brush all with olive oil, wrap in foil and cook in oven at 180c for about an hour to 80 minutes.

To serve, simply slice into pieces.

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