Yam recipes

macrubble, Aug 18, 2:52am
Looking for some yam recipes... . anyone have any good ones?

tjman, Aug 18, 3:48am
Something simple...cook yams crush lightly with fork to break up a bit. Drizzle over a little oilive oil and fresh thyme and roast in a hot oven until golden and crispy. You could also add a little garlic.

uli, Aug 18, 4:02am
If you have real yams you could do okonomiyaki (google for a recipe).

If you have the "NZ Yams" - which are Oxalis tubers - then you can cook, bake, steam the bastards... or do what I do - let the pigs harvest them and the harvest the pigs ...

nauru, Aug 18, 6:39am
Try baking them with a little maple syrup drizzled over them, they are really nice done like that.

nauru, Aug 18, 6:42am
Not a very helpful post! ! !

beaker59, Aug 18, 6:48am
Hasn't anyone taught you how to filter?

I slice them raw into matchsticks and add to stirfrys and Thai curries particularly red curry.

katalin2, Feb 5, 4:15pm
I slice them and cook them in a little butter and adda few tablespoons of orange juice as they are cooking and freshly ground black pepper just before serving; or do a veggie roast with yams, kumara, potatoes, pumpkin cubed with garlic and onions- drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with season all salt or moroccan spice and a little garlic salt.