Fish cases??

lala2912, Aug 17, 6:54am
Hi everyone, i am not sure what these things are called and if anyone could shed some light if you know that would GREAT...
i remember my mum making these fish things when i was little, it was bread in a muffin tin with a fish mix in the middle and baked in the oven. was so yummy and i want to make them but dont know what they are called or how to make them. does anyone know? TIA

margyr, Aug 17, 7:46am
hi lala, use a cup and cut circles of bread, butter one side and put that side into patty tins, or muffin tins, bake these till golden they do not take long so watch they dont burn, have oven on about 180. Chop an onion quite fine and cook this in some butter then make a white sauce, add a tin of smoked fish to this mix, put spoonfuls into your bread cases.

cookessentials, Aug 17, 10:43pm
I think they just call the bread cases. Have not had those in years, they are very tasty. I remember having all sorts of different flavours too.

fisher, Aug 17, 11:40pm
Make bread cases as above... .
break up a fillet of smoked fish (trevally) and fine chop some parsley. .
make a white sauce, butter, flour then milk finally stirring off the heat. .
gently mix fish and parsley in the sauce, add a sprinkle of white pepper and put spoonfuls into your bread cases with tiny sprig of parsley on top for garnish if serving to guests. . dont bother otherwise lol:}
When ready to serve under grill to warm up for minute or two. .

darlingmole, Aug 18, 1:41am
Question:if I made these cases now (early afternoon) would they still be crispy or soggy by dinner time? ?

winnie231, Aug 18, 1:51am
The cases are fine to make ahead of time ... you can even store them in a tupperware for a couple of days or in the freezer for longer. I would leave filling them till nearer dinnertime because I like them really crispy ... but at a party - I've had them a several hours after being made and they were fine. A little soft in the base but still nice.

lala2912, Feb 4, 5:55pm
thanks guys, sorry i didnt come back earlier, i actually found the same sort of recipe of the net(after looking for ages lol! ) but it used mashed potato insted of white sauce... . and the white sauce is what i remember lol. so i know now for next time to use white sauce instead of potatoe!