Pie Case: for banana cream pie

duckmoon, Aug 16, 8:22am
Greetings wise recipe MBers...
I have a recipe for banana cream pie; An American recipe. (pastry, banana, and creme passterie)

It calls for a baked pie case.

I haven't been able to purchase one - and tried blind baking a pie dish with pastry in it... It wasn't successful...

Advice please for how I turn a sheet of pastry into a pie case.

juli55, Aug 16, 9:37am
It might be a sweet short crust pastry from the Edmonds book. This will make a light sweet pastry. Or you could make the old crushed biscuits and melted butter one aka cheesecake base and push it up the sides of the tin and bake it.

duckmoon, Aug 16, 10:10am
I tired to blind bake the shop-purchased-Edmonds sweet short crust pastry... and then remove the beans and bake some more...
But the pastry was still soggy...
Not sure what I should do next time.

mistrycelebrity, Aug 16, 10:12am
ooh i'd try the cheesecake biscuit method

gardie, Aug 17, 6:20am
Cook it low and slow till its not soggy any more. No hotter than 150 deg and if its sitll soggy, turn the oven down lower and cook it longer.

duckmoon, Aug 17, 6:51am
with or without beans? ? ?

rebecca12, Aug 17, 6:53am
Or you could do a basic biscuit crumb base.

lookingfor, Aug 17, 7:47am
hey, can you please tell me the banana cream pie recipe?

duckmoon, Feb 3, 3:04pm
I heard about it on a recipe show on the food channel... and I googled "recipe banana cream pie"... It is a great dish from the southern states...