Looking after new granite benches!

amourette, Aug 14, 11:16pm
Morning all! ! ! After many, many years we are finally the proud owners of a new granite benchtop, would anyone be able to throw any tips in our direction, re cleaning, do's and don'ts etc.
I was wondering if I treat it as normal and can put hot pans on it and roll out dough etc... ... much appreciated and as always TIA! ! ! !

bedazzledjewels, Aug 14, 11:17pm
I would think no hot pans! Get yourself some trivets.

cookessentials, Aug 14, 11:19pm
http://gracestone.co.nz/care-tips-and-advise. phphere you go

cookessentials, Aug 14, 11:19pm
and this one also


amourette, Aug 14, 11:26pm
thanx cookessentials just had a look thru' very helpful, I guess rolling dough etc would be ok as long as it is wiped clean of any yucky cleaners... ... . . cheers!

cookessentials, Aug 14, 11:35pm
Get yourself a pastry cloth which keeps it off the bench and actually makes a very light pastry!

cookessentials, Aug 14, 11:47pm
apparently it is reasonably resistant.

crails, Aug 15, 12:47am
Wipe up beetroot juice or redwine spills quickly as they can stain granite. Always use a chopping board when using a knife otherwise you'll get scratch marks

player_smurf, Jan 26, 8:19am
We were told NO lemon jiuce on the granite... . also not good to put hot or cold(straight from the freezer) on there either! I know of someone who pulled a roast from the freezer and left it on the bench to defost and it cracked/shattered the granite.