Crunchy broccolli help please

shells23, Aug 14, 10:41pm
I would like to cook some nice cooked but crunchy broccolli to have in my lunch tomorrow with some chicken breast , trying to stay away from bread as all my meals seem to have bread rice or potatoes.
Im just not sure how you cook the broccolli to get it just right is it steamed for a short amount of time? also I had some beautiful crunchy broccolli at the sushi shop the other day but it had a nice flavour to it, maybe vinegar ish? does anyone know what this might be? Thanks :)

cookessentials, Aug 14, 10:49pm
You can gently steam it if you wish until it reaches the right "crunchyness" for you or if you like it just about raw but not quite, you can blanch it. To blanch it, you put florets - a few at a time and blanch for about 1 minute, remove and plunge into a bowl of icy cold water ( throw a few ice cubes in for goood measure! ) this stops the cooking process and helps the brocolli retain it's lovely green colour.

shells23, Aug 15, 2:03am
ok thanks :)

elliehen, Jan 26, 11:16am
I sometimes cook broccoli florets in very shallow water, with the stalks under the water and the heads above. When the stalks are just tender, the heads are still just crunchy.

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