My first try

maggiez, Aug 14, 10:42am
this is my first attempt at a childs birthday cake :) my niece was happy with it! what do you guys think?

http://images. jpg

http://images. jp

kirinesha, Aug 14, 10:44am
Awww, I think it's gorgeous!

maggiez, Aug 14, 10:45am
aww thanks :)

darlingmole, Aug 14, 10:47am
oh be proud~! that'sa wicked cake with a lot of effort.
Well done

maggiez, Aug 14, 10:47am
thanks i was worried it was abit stink :P

kirinesha, Aug 14, 10:49am
I think you should be very proud of it! I'll bet your niece loved it :)

maggiez, Aug 14, 10:50am
she did, shes obsessed with cats :)

vintagekitty, Aug 14, 10:51am
I think it looks fab- well done, I bet she loved it

maggiez, Aug 14, 11:03am
:D thank you!

noonesgirl, Aug 14, 11:11am
Very professional looking! Congrats.

cookessentials, Jan 25, 12:56pm
Looks fabulous, and by the look on the face of the wee one in the photo, it was!

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