Baking choc cake in a small tin question?

janine18, Aug 13, 10:26pm
i made a choc cake recipe from the edmonds cookbook but made it in a small round really thick steel? tin a friend gave me but it turned out really really hard and dry and took ages to cook? was it the recipe or using a small tin which i suppose made the cake higher? thanks.

noonesgirl, Aug 13, 11:55pm
If it's the recipe with 275gr flour, seems alot. Stick to tried & true listed in the l/h message board. Key in chocolate cake then in date posted put anytime.

duckmoon, Aug 13, 11:56pm
I think that the edmond choc cake recipe is a poor recipe - I have stopped using...

the dry - makes me think it was cooked too long...
but you say it takes ages to cook - most cakes are around 45-60 minutes to cook

horizons_, Jan 22, 5:06pm
Overcooking or cooking at too high a temp will make the cake dry. But as suggested, there are very good choc cake recipes to be found here.