Healthy Meal ideas/recipes.

ericat, Aug 12, 3:51am
Biting the bullet and going to lose weight, but don't want bland uniteresting food. Any ideas guys? ?

davidt4, Aug 12, 3:56am
There are lots of tasty and interesting recipes plus weight loss ideas on the NZ Low Carb Cooking site.

red2, Aug 12, 4:03am

beaker59, Jan 17, 9:13pm
That is such a wide question, really you need to know firstly why you need to lose weight is it unhealthy eating, too much eating or not enough exercise. Fix the bad habits related to those issues and the weight will reduce and stay off starve yourself and you will lose weight fast then put it back on plus 10%.

Most common bad foods making you overweight are softdrinks, booze, bread and baking, sweets(chocolate).
Cut those down (not out, lets not be a total monk) and up the exercise take up a sport or hobby that gets you come cardio excercise.

Everyones different I cut out the carbs and started biking regularly worked for me.