Cooked a topside roast last night

jennyl11, Aug 11, 1:20am
and was needing suggestions for a sauce to go over it for tonights dinner?

winnie231, Aug 11, 2:24am
Red wine sauce or onion gravy.

rainrain1, Aug 11, 2:58am
Buy some of that delish horeraddish cream

rainrain1, Aug 11, 4:11am
horseraddish not horeraddish LOL

davidt4, Aug 11, 4:14am
horseradish not horseraddish

rainrain1, Aug 11, 4:28am
OK, so here I go again! !

rainrain1, Aug 11, 4:33am
H O R S E R A D I S H:-)

jennyl11, Jan 15, 4:12pm
thanks ended up doing a barbeque sauce