Breadmaker Bread

janbob, Aug 10, 7:15pm
Can anyone offer me advice as to why my bread is quite dense despite following instructions

ferita, Aug 10, 7:19pm
This can happen when not enough gluten is formed.

I dont know how your breadmaker works but when making bread by hand you can make lighter bread by kneading it longer to form the gluten.

b1b21, Aug 10, 11:28pm
Check to date on your yeast.

dusty.p, Aug 11, 8:45am
i have this problem also, especially when i make w. meal bread. White bread is much lighter, but i don't like it especially. I find that using quite warm water helps (boardering on hot) ... and the other option is to use the dough cycle, then take it out of the breadmaker and then give it a little more kneeding then cook in the oven - sort of defeats the purpose of having a breadmaker... but it's an option.

korbo, Aug 12, 9:53am
i use 1 cup wholemeal flour and 2 cups white. get a nice texture loaf

nauru, Jan 19, 5:54pm
I usually use half white and half wholmeal flour. Ialso add 1 tablsp gluten flour to each cup wholmeal flour. I find that this gives a good textured lighter loaf. This was a tip from my Daley bread book.

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