Can you freeze guacamole?

sandra25, Feb 21, 3:05am
Just made 3 avocados into guacamole as I had to use them up. Now have a lovely big bowl of guacamole - but can I freeze the excess?

sarahb5, Feb 21, 3:41am
I guess so as Watties sell it frozen - give it a go and see what happens!

redrustie, Feb 21, 5:10am
I'd say yes as everything can be frozen individually, although there could be some discolouration from the avocado.

darlingmole, Feb 21, 5:19am
I guess the only way you'll know is to try it.
My ONLY advice is? Lots of Lemon Juice to stop the
horrible browning and bruising.
Good luck

cookessentials, Aug 26, 5:10pm
I know I have seen bags of frozen avocado, so i dont see why not.