mber2, Aug 9, 6:58am
in Naenae there had lovely pies & yummy cream cakes and the shop was also very clean, i can remember going there b 4 school and sometimes after school getting a pie and a cream bum yummy, but i dont remember when they sold the shop or to who

rayna4, Aug 13, 9:27am
Oh yes. They had the BEST ever cream donuts and pies. I had one on the wway to school too. Good times, Good times. Don't know what happened to it either.

seniorbones, Aug 13, 7:45pm
Was that the cake shop on cambridge terrace by the subway?

petal1955, Jan 22, 10:45am
Yes this was on Cambridge Tce by the Subway... . no longer around... . I think the shop just "shut up shop"... ... ... owing to the economics times. . was always nice to pop in there on the way to college on a cold morning. . always warm and the windows were fogged up really had to go inside to see what was for sale in the window... well that my excuse anyway ! ! ! !

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