Silly question, meatballs

vintagekitty, Aug 8, 4:28am
can you add grated cheese to the mince mixture? .

toadfish, Aug 8, 4:34am
I wouldn't... think it would melt and fall out so to speak... if you really wanted cheese in it ... maybe a cube in the middle surrounded by mince... Just out of curiosity... why cheese?

If you were cooking them in a tomatoey sauce you could sprinkle grated cheese on just before serving...

vintagekitty, Aug 8, 4:36am
Thought so! , I had some once and I think it was a cube in the middle, thinking about it now. Just thought i'd try and tart up the meatballs, really! . Yes, the tomatoey sauce will be good.

jmonster, Aug 8, 4:43am
I have put grated cheese in my meat balls before and they turned out ok- sometimes I put grated cheese into burger patties as well.
Love meat and cheese together mmmmmm.

babytears, Aug 8, 4:45am
Yeah of course, I've done it and it works - the only thing is that it melts and doesn't stay whole... . but you still get that cheese flavour

karenz, Aug 8, 4:57am
I put grated parmesan cheese in mine and they are really nice. I don't think parmesan melts quite the same way as other cheeses, it is quite dry.

nfh1, Jan 4, 4:13pm
I saw someone making meatballs the other day and they put cheese in, I thought it was unusual but cannot remember what the programme was.