Australian Masterchef Magazine

supercook, Aug 6, 4:30am
I purchased copy when in Australia back in June I woder if anyone has seen it in the shops?

winnie231, Aug 6, 8:39pm
I don't think we can get it here.
I know a lovely lady who is visiting Melbourne & bringing me back a copy.

cookessentials, Aug 12, 11:47pm
No, it is not here in NZ. I have the collectors addition which I purchased in Melbourne last week ( with copy on it's way to winnie today) They bring one out weekly while the series is on and then once it has been one, they bring out the collectors addition with the winner and runners up. They would not have it here because it is still playing here in NZ and people would know who the winner was before the series finished here.

marcs, Jan 21, 3:44pm
I could post them but it would cost a bit from WA. They are only $4. 95. I have been tempted to buy them but I am trying to keep away from finding new recipes.