Paella?? I have the prawns,rice and chili

t.gypsy, Aug 5, 10:16pm
Prawns, Rice and some chili's what else do i need and how do i make the paella its something i want to try and oh for a 1serve too lol my mom wont touch it.

uli, Aug 5, 10:35pm
Hmmm - paella is not really suited to a 1 person portion. It used to be the men working in the fields who cooked it for lunch - so it is set for a crowd rather than 1 portion. But you can cook a maybe 4 portion paella and then freeze the leftovers for another day?

Have a look here

that explains most of it - and this is an original - not an Americanized version.

Good luck!

davidt4, Aug 5, 10:37pm
I urge you to use saffron, though, not food colouring.

t.gypsy, Aug 5, 10:38pm
thanks our freezers already brimming lol. Oh well i am sure i can find some room to cram it in there

t.gypsy, Aug 5, 10:39pm
i tend to stay away from things like that.

uli, Dec 30, 2:41pm
Yeah I wondered about that too LOL :)