Freezing capsicums

tam39, Aug 5, 2:03am
Does anyone know if you can do this? They were cheap in supermarket today and now have 6 large ones that wont get used quick enough.

purplegoanna, Aug 5, 2:08am
yip the trick is to chop them before you freeze them as they leak alot of water and go spongy when defrosted, i dice then freeze and throw them in casseroles etc while still frozen...

tam39, Aug 5, 2:10am
Thanks purplegoanna, Will go do that now.

fisher, Aug 5, 2:13am
Yup same. . deseed . . leave sliced. . and dice later if needed when I take them out of the freezer. . Been doing it over the summer from those of my own garden and in the middle of winter, still have 4 more green/reddy left on my pot grown plants. .

lythande1, Aug 5, 6:49am
They were? I got them for 10c each a month ago. Definetly not from a supermarket.

fisher, Dec 28, 5:56pm
and how does this help the OP with regards to freezing them ? ? ?