Party food for 1 yr olds party!!??

passion1, Aug 4, 9:34am
My granddaughter is turning 1 on Friday and although my daughter and I don't want to go silly with too much food, does anybody have any ideas for quick, simple and effective party food?

chchproperty, Aug 4, 9:42am
For your one year old or adults?

passion1, Aug 4, 9:45am
Both really. We will be doing a few things for the adults as will as the kids.

chchproperty, Dec 25, 7:03pm
Speaking from experience kids love, animal biscuits, jelly beans, eskimos, cherio sausages, cheezel chips, basically food that is easily dissolved in young mouths so they dont choke, you could for the adults do coupland savouries nice and easy everyone love them, carrots celery and dips, breads and dips, cheese and crackers, cheese and pineapple on toothpicks. Hope that helps. Depends how fancy you want it and how much work you want to create... ... .