hamburger patties

golly_gosh, Feb 20, 3:07am
Anyone have a yummy recipe to share before we start tea? We have no idea other than an onion and egg perhaps breadcrumbs? ? Thanks.

karenz, Feb 20, 3:16am
Personally I don't use egg or breadcrumbs and my family love my patties. I just cook up some finely chopped onion (and garlic if you like it) in a bit of oil (or use dried if you have them) add herbs, I use oregano and/or basil, and mix in with raw mince, you will have to get in there with your hands there really isn't another effective way, mix it all up and make into patties, put into the fridge for a while to set, especially if the onions are still warm, then fry on both sides. These come out like the Angus burgers at McDonalds only nicer (I think)

vinee, Feb 20, 3:35am
People put too much filler in their burgers!
That's fine if you need to stretch the meat, but its not neccessary.
Meat and salt and pepper is all you actually need.
I do like a squirt of sweet chilli sauce in mine and maybe some garilc if I'm cutting some up anyway. .
I remember mum putting cooked rice in them - blyuk!
If you use bought mince do cook them thoroughly or you can put steak in the food processor to get 'good' mince. I saw Delia Smith do this.
Now, have I got any mince? I feel like a burger! haha.

golly_gosh, Feb 20, 3:57am
yummy thanks! ! they are delicious and so easy after all that lol

madshazza, Feb 20, 4:03am
i sometimes put a handful of rolled oats & some pasta sauce(usually garlic) as well as the usual egg, chopped onion & a little flour.
if my big fussy boy isnt here il even add chopped silverbeet, grated courgette or carrot aswell

willman, Aug 23, 11:04pm
I add a pkt of Onion dried soup mix and an egg and mix well. Always tastes great.